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Consumer Insights Asia is our regional publication on FMCG trends. We are in weekly contact with your consumers across Asian countries. We follow trends, combining a macro view with finest data details.

Some key findings in this report are:

  • FMCG grows at 4,6%, slower than last year, even half the growth than two years ago (10% in 2013). The slowing down mostly driven by the slowdown of food and beverages that account for 60% Asian household’s baskets.
  • Deceleration happens in all sub-regions, North Asia, South East Asia, and India
  • Dairy and personal care continue with healthy grow, driven by China (hair care and personal wash among top recruiters)
  • Compared to a year ago, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam FMCG value are sharply slowing down.
  • In volume, FMCG is growing only 0,4% in Asia. Non-food growing the fastest at 3,8%. 
  • Sectors Summary:
    • Beverages: Indonesia and China’s beverages value is slowing down, while Malaysia is suffering negative growth.
    • Food: Most of Asian countries are slowing down, except for Vietnam that having a contraction.
    • Personal Care: Personal care category in China shows positive growth
    • Home Care: Double digit growth in Indonesia (softeners, dishwash, insecticides among top recruiters).
    • Dairy: Double digit growth in China (functional drinks) and Philippines, while contraction happened to India and Malaysia’s dairy category.
  • Most of Asian countries’ FMCG value are still growing - though relatively slower than last year’s growth – except for Malaysia that showing negative growth.

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Fanny Murhayati

New Business Development Director


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