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Conquering The New Beauty Look of Indonesia



Conquering The New  Beauty Look of Indonesia

The beauty Industry in Indonesia is bouncing back to the pre-pandemic level with even higher spending rate. Within this condition, last year's recovery trend is now shifting towards faster growth as Indonesia government's pandemic protocols has loosened.

In this report, we conclude that there are three keys in conquering the current stage of the industry:

  1. Stay relevant to beauty consumers by providing the right benefits

  2. Embrace normalcy by adapting to beauty hybrid trend

  3. Operate within Omnichannel to match purchasing habits

We also take special look into Skincare, Male Grooming, and Makeup - how each of these sections rolls in its dynamics and how you can cultivate your brand's growth.
If you would like to explore more on this topic with our Beauty expert team, kindly contact us through upper part of this page or you can reach out to your usual contact in Kantar.

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