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Consumer Connection 2016 Presentation Deck



Consumer Connection 2016 Presentation Deck

Consumer Connection 2016 seminar has been done successfully. Thank you for your participation and support for our event!

We are also proud to share you our Consumer Connection 2016 presentation materials:


1. “Ready, Set, Grow!” (Presented by Venu Madhav, General Manager of Kantar Worldpanel Indonesia)

  • Indonesia Economy is showing a higher and stable growth after the slowdown that one saw in 2014. We are now seeing a number of positive factors like low inflation rate, declining unemployment rate, rising commodity prices, stable Rupiah and a continued emphasis on government spending on infrastructure. All these factors should lead to a higher economic growth going forward, especially in Outer Java areas due to infrastructure development and commodity price increases. On the FMCG front, growth was mostly driven by price increases, and by personal care and home care categories.
  • In order to succeed in Indonesia, companies should keep in mind that 'One Size Fits All' strategy will not work. On one end of the spectrum we have the Upper class in large cities who are looking for Product Quality combined with ease of shopping; which can manifest itself into shopping in modern trade or even online. On the other hand, we have the lower class in Rural Indonesia who is looking for affordable products which is available to her in the nearby traditional trade

2. “Penetration Is King! Six Pathways to Penetration Growth” (Presented by Nadya Ardianti, Senior Insight Director of Kantar Worldpanel Indonesia)
Recruiting new buyers can mean only one thing for brand: the only way to grow since brands grow fastest by attracting more buyers, not by getting buyers to buy more often. There are at least six pathways to drive penetration growth which we can leverage to drive brand penetration: availability, assortment, price, promotion, innovation and brand equity.

3. “Smart Trend Settings” (Presented By Marie-Anne Lezoraine, International Insight Director of Kantar Worldpanel)
Three trends have been shaping consumers behavior globally: health, happiness and convenience.

  • Health. This translates into different types of health offering, ranging from products that are as unprocessed as possible, to products which ride on the need to protect ourselves or products that are fortified.
  • Meaningful Life. This trend is about products that fulfil individual needs, products that offer fun and indulgence to consumers, as much as it’s about giving back to the community.
  • Convenience. Convenience trend is particularly relevant in Indonesia but it can translate very differently considering the vast geographical contrasts across the country, for consumers who live in rural areas, and also in urban areas.

4. “Smart Growth Through Smart Communication” (By Andrew-Ridsdale Smith (Presented By Andrew Ridsdale-Smith, Expert Solutions Director of Kantar Worldpanel)
We all know that the media and marketing landscape has got increasingly complex and digital has been the fastest growing media channel in Indonesia. The more we can understand how our marketing spends directly influence how people behave, the better our decisions will be. In Kantar we are working towards a vision where the purchase panel data is connected to different data sets across media habits, brand equity and clients instore spending information. This presentation will share with you how an integrated data set such as this will allow better decisions across the full communication process: brand engagement, media planning and channel ROI.


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