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Elevate Indonesian Health by Embracing Nature's Gift



Elevate Indonesian Health by Embracing Nature's Gift

As part of the national health system transformation, the Indonesian government has been supporting the development of Fitofarmaka or herbal medicine in the country. This has created a unique opportunity for businesses to explore the production and marketing of herbal medicine, especially in the cough medicine category. Our latest research has shown that close to 10% of cough medicine buyers purchase only herbal medicine, with the rest buying both herbal and non-herbal medicine.While non-herbal medicine still dominates the cough medicine market, the development of herbal variants has created a unique opportunity to reach incremental buyers.  


In our next series, we will uncover whether these two segments attract different demographic profiles, so stay tuned for more insights. 

We believe that staying ahead of the curve is key to success in today's rapidly changing market. With our expertise and insights, we can help you navigate the Indonesian market and find new opportunities for growth.  

Questions we can help you to answer: 

  • Who should a brand’s target audience be?
  • Who are my most important consumers?
  • Who should be buying more of my brand?
  • Are my buyers occasional buyers?
  • Who is leaving / entering a brand?
  • How has my new trial rate changed over time? Which activities attract new buyers???????

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to explore above questions or you have more curiosity in mind. 

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