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FMCG Monitor is a monthly report published by Kantar Worldpanel, with the goal to provide a brief overview of Indonesia FMCG market and its evolution across sectors and channels as well as the most updated highlights.

Each FMCG Monitor will take you through market updates on:

  • Key economic indicators
  • FMCG growth movements (total & by sectors)
  • Retailer snapshot
  • Hot categories

Some highlights in this issue :

  • Compared to September 2015, ID inflation in October 2015 decreased from 6.83% to 6.25%.The average rate for USD 1 is Rp 13,865,- in October 2015
  • FMCG industry is still unable to bounce back to its healthy shape which is shown by a slight decrease in term of volume and value.  A reduction on shopping trips does also contribute to the sluggish development of the overall FMCG industry.
  • RTD Tea has been gaining more attention from Indonesians. Indonesians’ culture for loving tea accompanied with a “mobile version” of tea has granted RTD Tea with both value and volume boost.
  • Supermarket and Hypermarket appear to be the only channel which have shown an improvement comparing to other trade channels.
  • Baby products take a quite high portion of Indonesians spending on FMCG products. 22.5% of total spending goes to baby products for Households with 0-2 years old baby whereas the number declines into 14.7% for Households with 2-4 years old baby.

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