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FMCG Monitor - Full Year 2020



FMCG Monitor - Full Year 2020

The latest Indonesia FMCG Monitor – Full Year 2020 is now out.

Kantar is continuously in contact with your consumers on a weekly basis and across the country. Through FMCG Monitor, we provide an integrated overview of the Indonesian FMCG market and its evolution across sectors and highlights of the latest trends.

Indonesians have been living alongside COVID-19 for almost a year, and there have been a lot of adjustments and efforts to adapt made by government, manufacturers, and shoppers. How are these changes reflected in Indonesian's buyers shopping behaviors?

Some highlights in this issue:

  • Indonesia’s economy growth is still in the negatives for the third consecutive quarter, with overall spending declining among consumers.
  • Households reprioritizing their needs. While limiting spending for travel and education, consumers are still allocating more for Food and FMCG.
  • FMCG market year on year are still growing positively. Consumers are increasing their trip size while reducing their shopping occasions to accompany their restricted movement. They are more frequent in buying food and dairy, to accompany their stay at home activities.
  • Brick and mortar stores remain as the preferred channel, despite the growing of online channel.
  • Find out more on which categories are still growing and the on-the-go market highlight

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