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Adaptation of premium product range by middle to lower class is reflected in the FMCG purchase

Adaptation of premium product range by middle to lower class is reflected in the FMCG purchase

FMCG Monitor is a monthly report published by Kantar Worldpanel, with the goal to provide a brief overview of Indonesia FMCG market and its evolution across sectors and channels as well as the most updated highlights.

This FMCG Monitor will take you through market updates on:

  • Quarterly market update
  • FMCG growth movements (total and by sectors)
  • Retailer snapshot
  • FMCG segments performance

Some highlights in this issue :

  • Shoppers have spent more each shopping trip as a result of premiumization yet reduced the number of shopping trips to balance spending
  • Middle and Lower Class consumers have the biggest increase of FMCG spending following the shift to more premium products
  • Minimarket continues to grow its share in total value as number of stores continues to rise along with more promotional offers
  • Personal Care and Dairy are the two segments that manage to grow most significantly, as shoppers seek improvement in the quality of their basket purchase as a way of premiumization.
  • Shoppers aspire to improve their quality of life by taking care at health, convenience and happiness aspects. Lifestyle change to preparing meals at home is preferable as it’s considered to be more hygiene and healthier.
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