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FMCG Outlook Indonesia 2022: Expect The Unexpected



FMCG Outlook Indonesia 2022: Expect The Unexpected

The year 2022 has started.

Kantar Indonesia’s Worldpanel Division invites you to ponder over what to expect next year. With first class insights, we serve you a comprehensive outlook to help you establish the future-proof strategies for your brands.

This outlook is divided into five sections, specific to below topics:

FMCG: Expect the Unexpected

The resilience of the FMCG industry has been rock-solid throughout the pandemic. Now that the circumstances are evolving, the growth can be more expansive. It's essential for brands to leverage opportunity in accelerating growth throughout 2022.

Cherish the Right Moments in the Baby Industry

The Baby industry undergoes a healthy growth throughout 2021. Parents are putting their babies’ needs into their priority among other household needs. Optimising the right moments to be in alignment with different needs across baby’s age is key to succes in Baby categories.

Grow Beyond the Basics in Home and Personal Care

Home and Personal Care sector are forecasted to experience growth in 2022. There are key factors that brands can adopt to secure the growth by being adaptive to the dynamic shoppers’ mobility and new level of hygiene-related needs. 

Spice It Up to The Next Level: Food and Snack 2022

The food sector is able to maintain its growth this year despite the slower pace from the stay-at-home period last year. With the rising mobility of the consumers, it’s natural to see the slow-down of the home cooking occasion and its impact to the Food sector. It's time for brands to take the growth to the next level as the trend in the Food sector is healthy and ready to be nurtured. 

Quench The Thirst for Growth

As we are stepping out of the restricted mobility period, the beverage and dairy sectors trend has been dynamic within the pandemic period with various activities across consumers' age. Seize the opportunities available in the Beverage categories trends, and be prepared for growth.

Read the report for complete insights and watch the on-demand webcast before 14 March.


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