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Consumer Connection 2014

Consumer Connection 2014

Consumer Connection is an annual event conducted by Kantar Worldpanel to share some insights in Indonesia to inspire you in FMCG market by understanding consumers' behavior.

We proudly shared some hot topics presented in our Consumer Connection Events:

  • The Field is Ripe for Harvest: “Amazing Indonesia”, despite all the price increase and economic situation, the consumer demand in Indonesia is still growing and consumer confidence index is still high. Increasing Urbanization, growing population and doubling of middle class consumer make Indonesia as an attractive market not only for potential manufacturers but also the existing ones. Though it is a crowded competition, the star is in our side, “Live it out loud, be more than a name or a face in the crowd”. Find out more on some FMCG players success stories here.
  • See, Think, Shop: 3 Brands Stories: “How purchasing behavior can be influenced by changes in “branding, communication” and price/promotions. Does TV Sponsorship drive the sales? Tap the right entertainment show that has the same profile with your brands profile to get a great impact on your sales. Attributes that drive sales can be different from those that drive overall brand perception.  Winning trial purchase, since trial is the driver of growth in FMCG categories. Find out more “what are the most effective activities for driving trial” here.
  • Digital World: “Be everywhere to reach your consumer”, tap the opportunity in maximizing the digital world. . Find out more on the 5 key trends on digital.


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