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Maximise ad effectiveness in Southeast Asia



Maximise ad effectiveness in Southeast Asia

Understanding which platforms can convert communications into sales is critical, beyond the ability to deliver the highest return on ad spend (ROAS)

Choosing the right media solutions is critical, and this is also true in CPG, especially when the industry is facing challenges with increasing costs and higher margin demand,which forces businesses to make more cautious marketing spending. Each investment in paid media is, naturally, carefully assessedfor its ability to maximiseROAS and ensure the campaign achieves its objectives. Understanding which platforms effectively convert communications into sales is essential in the dynamic markets of Southeast Asia. 

Maximising ad effectiveness in Southeast Asia: A case study with Meta, comparing across media platforms, a study commissioned by Meta, highlights the role of various media channels in delivering ROAS, reach, frequency, and synergy for CPG brands across four Southeast Asian markets: Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.  

The study utilised Kantar's Consumer Media Modelling (CMM) solutionto uncover the relationships between advertising, sales and penetration through our actualpurchasetracking and unique data on media consumption. This one-of-a-kind tool analyses when each shopper isexposed to the media campaign across different touchpoints – TV, press, online and outdoor – and how that exposure impactstheir purchases by comparing post- and pre-exposure purchase behaviours. 

"At Meta, we strive towards gold standard in measurement based on data & science. We look at our advertiser's total marketing plan to ensure we deliver actionable insights across the marketing funnel. Kantar’s CMM solution has enabled us to measure holistically, providing robust ROI, Reach, and Shopper Behaviour to inform our clients and partners planning and creative strategies."said Kishore Parthasarathy, Meta’s Director of Marketing Science for Southeast Asia. 

For more information, please read the full report at:  

Click to read Meta Sea CMM Study 2024



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