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Indonesia Brand Footprint 2024: Decoding Brand Choices



Indonesia Brand Footprint 2024: Decoding Brand Choices

Brand Footprint is an annual study conducted by Kantar to measure the brands most chosen by consumers. This report covers more than 550 brands across five FMCG sectors: Food, Beverages, Dairy Products, Home Care, and Personal Care. This year's Brand Footprint Indonesia includes 97% of households in various major and minor cities across both urban and rural areas of Indonesia, out of a total household population of 70 million.

Brands that successfully maintain relevance in shoppers' baskets manage to expand their buyer base and outpace competitors in growth. Establishing a robust presence and delivering relevant innovations for shoppers are fundamental to accelerated growth. By becoming a meaningful brand that offers enhanced value to consumers, brands can distinguish themselves from the competition. Furthermore, identifying new opportunities to address emerging needs within existing categories or expanding category assortments can serve as potent levers for growth.

Some interesting brand stories from this year's Brand Footprint study:

  • Le Minerale

Rising 26 positions from last year, Le Minerale successfully entered the top 100 in this year's Brand Footprint rankings. Le Minerale's strategy of offering various packaging sizes, enhancing presence and accessibility, allows the brand to meet the diverse needs and preferences of consumers, ensuring that everyone can enjoy its benefits in various moments.

  • Milku

First introduced as a bottled milk product in 2020, Milku has made it into the top 100 of the Brand Footprint rankings this year. The key characteristics of Milku are that it is made from Belgian cow's milk, comes in packaging sizes that meet consumer preferences (200ml), and is priced affordably for consumers. With this strategy, Milku has successfully reached more than 40% of Indonesian households, making it the chosen liquid milk product for children.

Read the complete report for more insights and brand stories - get in touch with us for more learnings about brands in Indonesia.

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