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Media Profiler Vol. 1 2024



Media Profiler Vol. 1 2024

Introducing you one of our further studies from our panel tracking, Media Profiler study.

Media Profiler is a single source solution which connects FMCG main shoppers within the household defined by their real purchase behaviour with their media consumption habits to help improve your media plans and for better targeting.

Media Profiler helps you to:

  • Reach your target consumer at the right place and time
  • Profile your target audience or brand loyalists
  • Make decisions based on actual purchases rather than on their socio demographic profile
  • Analyse the real consumption of your audience

Some questions that Media Profiler can address:

  • Which media preferred by specific category buyers?
  • When is the most effective time in targeting specific category buyers?
  • What Digital Activity do my target shoppers visit the most ?
  • And What kind of Apps do they use ?
  • Which channel or day part is best for my target shopper?

To give you a picture of how the study looks like, we’re launching a series of facts collection. You can access the first volume via this link or at the top-right button of this page.

As this study is linked to the real purchase of your buyers, you can use this study to equip your future media strategies to be more effective and right on target.

In the next part, we will uncover examples of how can Kantar Worldpanel Media Profiling can help clients to understand which media best reaches Baby Personal Care target audience.

If you want to explore on how to build a more shopper centric media strategies, get in touch with us.

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