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Media Profiler Vol. 2 2024



Media Profiler Vol. 2 2024

In this volume, we delve deeper into a specific group of Baby Personal Care shoppers. We analysed their purchasing behaviour and media preferences to gain insights into how we can effectively target them online.

We found that over 80% of the value in Baby Personal Care comes from these heavy shoppers, who not only spend 4x more per trip but also make 19x more trips annually. Therefore, it is essential for brands to understand shoppers’ media profile in order to optimize digital communication on the internet.

Have you comprehensively understood your shoppers' media profile? 

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FMCG primary shoppers' behaviour with their media consumption habits, aiding in the segmentation of your media plans.

Further questions that we can answer with Media Profiler study: 

  1. Does the media preference among heavy, medium and light buyers of the category differs?
  2. Which digital activity are preferred by our brand buyers or competitor buyers?
  3. Does my brand buyers are more digital savvy than my competitor buyers? How different are they in the way the consume media?
  4. What are the topic interests of our target buyers/competitor buyers in different application?
  5. How far do I have to implement different media platform focus to reach different target buyers in different region?

To give you a picture of how the study looks like, you can get the Volume 2 PDF and see how it unfolds for Baby Personal Care.

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