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The Dynamic World of E-Commerce in Asia



The Dynamic World of E-Commerce in Asia

The Dynamic World of E-Commerce in Asia

From 2014 to now, retail e-commerce sales in Asia-Pacific have tripled, from 0.6 trillion USD to a whopping 1.8 trillion USD. This momentum is not expected to slow down anytime soon in either leading markets like South Korea and China or high growth markets in Southeast Asia. For Vietnam alone, while FMCG in total Modern Trade is growing at more than +10% annually, online is flourishing 7 times faster.

The evolution of e-commerce is still far from being completed. By 2025, Asia e-commerce share within the FMCG industry is projected to reach 15% from 7.3% in 2017. What is the reason behind this rapid growth of e-commerce? How is it shaping the future of retail for both brands and retailers?

This and more will be uncovered in our white paper to be released on 17 October. 

Our Expert Solutions speaker, Peter Christou have also discussed the detailed insights covered in the report in a recent webinar.

In this webinar, we will examine in detail how the driving forces have shaped and will continue to shape e-commerce in the region as a whole. We will also do a deep-dive into Vietnam, an up and coming e-commerce market to understand where brands and retailers are currently on this thrilling journey, and where we will go from here.

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