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Report: Global Brand Footprint 2023



Report: Global Brand Footprint 2023

Worldpanel’s hotly anticipated Brand Footprint report is here and overflowing with a wealth of insights we've uncovered in the world of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). 

In a year where shoppers made the same number of brand choices as they usually do, it turns out there’s an important difference: they’re increasingly opting for smaller and newer brands. And while half the brands globally are winning and half are declining, a staggering 91% of the winners improved their household penetration. So what does all this mean for your brand? 

Here are just some of the pieces Worldpanel’s new report reveals: 

  • Sprite’s success story: Adding 33.8 million new shoppers globally
  • Disrupting the market: Discounters on the rise
  • Underdogs making waves: Small brands challenging the industry giants
  • Regional influences: The impact of local nuances and consumer preferences on brand success
  • Brand rankings galore

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Chivanon Piyaphitakskul
Senior Marketing Manager - Kantar, Worldpanel Division Malaysia & Thailand

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