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Report: Malaysia Brand Footprint 2023



Report: Malaysia Brand Footprint 2023

Introducing the new Brand Footprint Malaysia 2023 report, your comprehensive guide to understanding the top FMCG brands in Malaysia.

As consumers continue to face difficult purchasing decisions due to economic uncertainties, the importance of brands cannot be ignored. Brands that connect with us on a human level have the power to influence our decisions and create a sense of loyalty. That's why this year, why we've produced our most comprehensive Brand Footprint report ever, examining over 500 brands in Malaysia to uncover the secrets of brand resilience in this challenging market.

Inside the report, you'll discover the top FMCG brands in Malaysia, including rising stars within each sector of the FMCG market. We've ranked both the most chosen and the top-growing brands in the Malaysian Peninsular, providing you with valuable insight into their growth.

Despite the unpredictable events of 2022, certain brands and manufacturers have continued to thrive by understanding the tactics needed to secure shoppers during these post-pandemic times. This report examines the factors that have generated successful products and provides insights on how to continue securing consumer choices in 2023 and beyond.

Are you ready to gain valuable insights on the top-performing FMCG brands in Malaysia? Read the Brand Footprint Malaysia 2023 report today.



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Note:  All FMCG brands (min 1% penetration) Peninsular Malaysia - Data up to MAT October 2022

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Chivanon Piyaphitakskul
Senior Marketing Manager - Kantar, Worldpanel Division Malaysia & Thailand

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