Omnichannel report: Finding growth in reinvented retail

E-commerce, cash and carry and discounters gain market share globally Hypermarkets and supermarkets still the most important FMCG channels Our latest retail report “Winning Omnichannel: Finding growth in reinvented retail” is already out. This publication reveals that in 2017, 76% of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) value growth came from channels outside supermarkets and ...

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Consumer Insights Latam: Find the pockets of growth

The FMCG market in Latin America has seen a number of major changes in the past 18 months. The brand landscape, channel landscape and economic climate have all shifted, and this has had an impact on FMCG volumes. The pace of volume growth in the region continues slow: during the year ending ...

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Grocery market reaches two-year growth milestone in UK

Britain’s grocery sector has now witnessed two years of continuous growth, according to the latest grocery market share figures from Kantar Worldpanel, published today for the 12 weeks to 17 June 2018. Supermarket sales have risen for 25 consecutive periods and now stand at 2.1% compared with this time last year, ...

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Summer sun heats up the Irish grocery market

The latest grocery market share figures from Kantar Worldpanel, published today for the 12 weeks ending 17 June 2018, reveal that the soaring temperatures have increased sales of summer grocery favourites by 9% – ahead of the overall market at 2.1%. This surge in summer essentials, such as sun care products ...

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E-commerce clinches 5.4% of fashion spending in Spain

The Internet gains ground in the fashion business. The sector's online sales increased in 2017, representing 5.4% of Spain's total spending, compared to 4% in the previous year. This is the conclusion reached by the second edition of the Online Fashion Report in Spain, which reinforces the Internet's relevance to the ...

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An integrated view of Philippine FMCG market in 2018

During the first quarter of 2018, the Philippine economy sustained improvement at 6.8%, which is the highest growth achieved versus the same period before, and it is mainly driven by the services and industry sectors. In-home FMCG sales are still stable, but slightly picking up in this last quarter. Basket size remains ...

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