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Webinar: Leading in Inflationary Times in Thailand



Webinar: Leading in Inflationary Times in Thailand

AIML for Category and Brand Growth: Leading in Inflationary Times in Thailand

Inflation is hitting multi decade highs in economies around Asia. This is being felt both directly (category input costs and prices) and indirectly (rising cost of living pressures for shoppers) across the FMCG sector, disrupting established marketing and pricing strategies. In this context, a new value equation between consumers and brands is required.
In this session, we will share the latest thinking and analysis on the FMCG shopper response to inflation in Thailand. Presenting what advanced AIML analytic and forecasting tools can help brands to lead in inflationary times.

Inflation & Shopper Response – How Kantar Worldpanel measure grocery inflation in more detail than anyone else. Measuring like for like price inflation across over 10,000+ grocery SKUs. Then how we quantify the different strategies and behavioural response levers shoppers can use to adjust to inflation. Whether Shoppers can absorb the inflation price increases. Or, if they are adapting. Seeking to buying less volume or changing what brand they select, Seeking out different promotions and even changing the stores they shop in. Each requiring different brand strategies to win.

From these responses to category inflation, we explore the range of advanced AIML analytic and forecasting tools.

  • Inflation Shopper Response model and basket risk impacts from category adjacencies with high inflation. 
  • Forecasting economic change impacts on future sales trends.
  • Simulating SKU price changes and optimizing promotional mechanics.


  • Martin ChoiStrategic Insight Director, Kantar Thailand, Worldpanel Division
  • Sumeet SinhaExpert Solutions DirectorKantar Asia, Worldpanel Division
  • Andrew FosterExpert Solutions DirectorKantar Asia, Worldpanel Division
  • Shilpa JainExpert Solutions DirectorKantar Asia, Worldpanel Division 

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Chivanon Piyaphitakskul
Marketing Manager - Kantar, Worldpanel Division Thailand & Malaysia


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