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Report: Health is Wealth in Thailand



Report: Health is Wealth in Thailand

Health is Wealth: Thailand’s Supplement Market in 2023

At Kantar Worldpanel, we’ve kept a close eye on Thailand’s Health & Beauty Supplement market for two decades. The opportunities for brands have never looked more promising – with the number of buyers, segments and players increasing strongly in recent years, along with consumer spend.

An aging society, greater interest in health and wellness and the arrival of COVID-19 drove Thai consumers to start spending on supplements, and penetration has continued to grow after the pandemic. People still care deeply about their health, but their priorities have evolved. 

As lockdown ended, and things started to return to normal, people began to enjoy life outside of the home again, going back to the gym or the office, for example. These behaviours are changing people's needs in terms of the benefits they expect from the products they buy. For example, immunity and protein have become more important than skincare and eyecare. In formats, the popularity of powder is rising due to its versatility and convenience. 

In our new report – Health is Wealth: Thailand’s Supplement Market in 2023 – we give an overview of this dynamic market, helping you to understand: 

  • How consumer behaviour is changing – and why
  • Who the buyers are, including their age, family profile and income level
  • The areas of the country where growth can be seen
  • The segments and benefits that are most in demand
  • The product formats that are driving growth.

Looking at the demographic profile for shoppers in the H&B supplement category, we’ve also identified four key criteria that will help brands focus on the right target consumers.

Discover the key points and findings from Kantar Worldpanel’s ongoing analysis of Thailand’s H&B supplement market, with insights from our services and expertise that span more than 20 years.

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Dheeraphongs Malaniyom
New Business Development Manager - Kantar, Worldpanel Division Thailand

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