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Snacking is the growth driver for Packaged Foods, thanks to spending uplift from consumers.

Snacking is the growth driver for Packaged Foods, thanks to spending uplift from consumers.

Vietnam is among the world’s most dynamic economies, thanks to a +6.81% growth rate and an ever-changing population demographics. As a result, food consumption habits and preferences have also reflected extensive changes. This raises the question of how the food market is transforming, particularly within Snacking. This segment, which is present in the pantry of nearly every Vietnamese family, is the growth engine for Packaged Foods.

 Within the Snacking market, we will explore some major findings: 

  • Innovation is contributing to the dynamism of the Snacking market, with more and more new launches every year to try and keep up with consumers’ evolving taste.
  • New flavours are on the rise, partly influenced by foreign cuisine introduced through globalization. Although some trends are widespread, regional differences in taste still exist, and localization remains vital for success.
  • Snacking products are highly seasonal. Tet holiday, bolstered by Vietnamese gift-giving tradition, is a hot season for Snacking and contributes significantly to the market’s annual value spending.
  • The growing number of mature families is opening new doors to untapped potentials. This demographic group has high Snacking spending growth, in addition to emerging needs for snacks that are not only enjoyable but also nutritious.

With this report, we hope to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the trends that are reshaping the Snacking market, in order to capture the opportunities for growth.

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