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Kantar applies artificial intelligence to your shopping



Kantar applies artificial intelligence to your shopping

No robots in the food aisle yet. Kantar applies Singapore-developed AI technology to the growth challenges faced by CPG brands  

Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company, announces today the introduction of their three new sales and marketing tools built on Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML) algorithms and workflows developed in Kantar’s Brand Growth Lab in Singapore. The Lab, an advanced analytics hub, is dedicated to discovering new ways to leverage big data to drive strategic decision-making for business. The three new solutions are all designed to help Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands find sustainable growth in South East Asia. The Solutions are:

  • Kantar Brand Growth Accelerator:  an engine for inquiry to discover growth opportunities and facilitate organizations alignment to monetize them.
  • Kantar Demand Forecasting Simulator is a demand forecasting tool integrating multiple data sources and building multi-variate models using advanced algorithms to better estimate future demand.
  • Kantar Promotions Simulator is a new methodology for modelling CRM effectiveness, helping to understand which touchpoints and mechanics deliver sales, including which combinations of offerings will provide the biggest sales uplift.

Discussing the unveiling of the three new solutions, Hernan Sanchez, Managing Director of Kantar’s Brand Growth Lab, said: “Each of these three solutions is designed to provide a unique, data-driven overview of the consumer journey with an AI/ML-led approach. These solutions provide customizable decision support systems to assist in the evaluation of marketing strategy effects and the potential yields for brands. We believe that these solutions running on powerful AI-based workflows will enable an increase in marketing productivity across the region, as well as the decision support systems (simulators) will help improve decision making for brands in the complex and dynamic digital economy.”

“With support from Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), Kantar is developing new capabilities to transform AI by introducing new frameworks, algorithms and computing possibilities that will drive a new wave of innovation in the advanced analytics arena,” said Ms. Yee Mei Chan, Co-Managing Director of Kantar Brand Growth Lab. “We are currently working closely with a number of leading clients keen to transform the way data is used to make decisions and forward plan investments.”

Tim Kelsall, Chief Client Officer for Kantar Asia, said: "It’s a fantastic development made possible by the EDB partnership and the pioneering expertise of the Kantar Growth Lab here in Singapore. It signifies Kantar’s commitment to help our clients across the globe deliver tangible business impact through harnessing the power of the vast amounts of data available to our clients today."

All three solutions are available in South East Asia with immediate effect.


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