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[Webinar] Vietnam's Beverage Consumption 2022



[Webinar] Vietnam's Beverage Consumption 2022

Vietnam's beverage market has seen tremendous fluctuations and unprecedented changes in the past 2 years due to evolved consumer demands and reduced purchasing power during the pandemic. However, total retail sales of goods and services are on the rise in 2022, bringing exciting new opportunities to Vietnam's beverage industry.

Both the supply and demand sides of the beverage market have recorded positive signs of acceleration, resuming the growth momentum seen prior to Covid-19. We are witnessing an explosion in beverage types and flavors, various emerging trends in consumer preferences and the diversification of shopping channels. It is critical for businesses to gain a deeper understanding of consumers' tastes and demands in such a dynamic playground.

Kantar Vietnam is pleased to host a webinar on the topic "Vietnam's Beverage Consumption: 7 demand segmentations that matter" to reveal the findings from our Vietnam Drink Usage Study 2022We tracked the beverage purchase and consumption behaviours of 3500 people in urban and rural areas, including over 70,000 drinking occasions, both in-home and out-of-home, for all types of non-alcoholic beverages. Our goal is to present a hollistic picture of Vietnam's dynamic beverage market contoday, including new trends and niches, in order to assist businesses in appealing to a wider range of consumers' palates and winning their hearts.

In the webinar, we'll take a look at Vietnam's current beverage landscape and the most prominent trends we've discovered from the Drink Usage Study:

  • An overview of the beverage industry in Vietnam after the pandemic

  • Market-leading trends in Vietnamese consumers' drink purchasing and consumption habits

  • 7 demand spaces in the beverage market

  • Growth opportunities for beverage brands

The webinar will be delivered in 2 sessions, Vietnamese and English:


For any enquiries about the webinar and questions about the study, please do not hesitate to send us a message

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