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We can tell you who your shoppers are and how they behave

Kantar Fashion provides the most accurate and granular measure of the GB Clothing Market. Having access to the largest continuous online panel of shoppers in Europe allows us to provide confirmation of who a brand or retailer’s shoppers are, and critically, how they behave in the market.

The service has been operating since 1995 and our ever growing list of clients includes top Fashion Retailers, Brand Manufacturers, Investment Banks, Trade Press, Consultancies, Universities and Government Bodies.

Our unparalleled access to the whole fashion market enables us to provide a great amount of detail and insight into the product categories, retailers and brands that are key to our clients. Not only do we provide a measure of a brand and retailer’s shares, we track how their position in the market changes over time. Given the increasing multichannel focus, our ability to provide a holistic understanding of a shopper’s behaviour (both online, in-store and across channels) has proved essential for our clients. This enables them to form realistic multichannel ambitions and understand the best strategy to achieve this.

Using our service enables our clients to:

  • Quantify opportunities in order to understand the return on investment available
  • Proactively respond to the trends in the market and thus maximize sales potential
  • Confirm current position in the market and formulate a strategy for faster growth
  • Understand your shoppers actual purchasing behaviour in the market, attitudes

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Glen Tooke
Consumer Insight Director