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Pink hair, don't care - Europe's shocking hair colours



Pink hair, don't care - Europe's shocking hair colours

Blue, pink, purple, and other unnatural hair colours are no longer as shocking as they once were. Many colourants manufacturers now cater to this contemporary hair trend – but how big is the opportunity?
In Western Europe 5% of hair colourant users have chosen an unnatural shade in 2017 - representing 3% points growth since 2013. The most engaged country is the UK, where this figure rises to 11%. Least engaged are Spain, Italy and France, where only 3% of users have been so daring.


The official colour of choice in Europe is purple, which is the most popular unnatural hair colour in each of the big five European countries.

Those dying their hair a lighter shade (like silver, grey or white) are the most likely to visit a salon, while darker shade transformations (going black, purple, pink or blue) are most likely to be done in the home.
These individuals are also more concerned about nourishing their hair – they use products like conditioners, intensive masks, hair oils and serums more often than others.

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