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What does your oral health say about you?



What does your oral health say about you?

Our dental health habits are changing. The number of individuals reported to have bad oral health has been dropping consistently since 2013.
Is this because we are treating our conditions more effectively, with ever-improving oral care products? Or is there a growing number of people who are unaware of their current oral health?
At least 64% of Western Europeans report having had at least one dental health concern in the past six months, data from our Usage Care team shows.  And despite the drop off in recent years, oral health concerns are still very common. Italians have the highest rates of oral health conditions in Western Europe, with a staggering 76% reporting at least one condition. In France and Great Britain almost half of the population is aware of at least one dental concern.


Dental concerns vary country-to-country, for example, traces of bleeding is of high concern for Spanish people whereas in Britain, tooth sensitivity is the most common worry.
In other Western European countries like France, Germany and Italy, dental tartar is the most worrying symptom of bad oral care.
Our data shows that consumers with oral health concerns tend to be more engaged users.
For example, they are more likely to invest in an electric toothbrush, and other dental kit such as mouthwash and interdental products. And they are also more likely to visit the dentist regularly than those with no dental concerns.
What does this mean for your oral care brand, and how can we help you adapt effectively to take advantage of opportunities?
Kantar Worldpanel’s Usage Care service can enable your brand to effectively leverage oral needs and target consumers in this developing market. Get in touch with our Usage Care team to find out more.

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