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Around the Clock: Understanding Shoppers Drinking Habit



Around the Clock: Understanding Shoppers Drinking Habit

This report is based on LinkQ Out-of-Home Bevearges Study in Indonesia - it investigates how shoppers' drinking habit looks like across segments and its occasion. By understanding the habits and trends, brands will be ablo to identify when, where, how, and whom they need to catch and leverage their opportunity for growth.

The report will also explore on OOH recovery trend in Indonesia with the opportunities that lie ahead.

There are three key points suggested by this report to influent shoppers' purchase decision:

  1. Infuse into the recovery mode by maximizing opportunities in each age group, area, channels, and occasion.

  2. Identify the preferred occasion for each category and deliver the right message to specific shopper profile and occasion 2 segment.

  3. Indulge the occasion with unique proposition to be stand out among the crowd and emphasize the reason to buy to lead the purchase.

If you'd like to explore your opportunities in this topic and beyond, you can reach out to the contact in this page or to your usual contact in Kantar.

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