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Dear Valued Partners,

Consumer Connection 2015 was held at Le Meridein Hotel Jakarta, October 20, 2015. As a result, Kantar Worlpanel Indonesia is proud to share our Consumer Connection 2015 materials:

1. The spotlight of Consumer Connection 2015:Macro Asia Trend “ How to make out the trends into growth?” (Presented by Fabrice Carrasco, General Manager of Kantar Worldpanel Vietnam, Indonesia, and Philippines)

The new real environment impact the way how ASIA consumers shop, communicate and make a choice of their product purchased. Manufacturer need to understand the old recipe to work in the future, and to reinvent the way they work, to understand better the consumers. The needs of the changing need to be adapted to the strategy, regarding to media, strong link to consumer, put the premiumization strategy in place. It is not any easy games, because all players have to do marketing strategies to answer the long term changes, and at the same time, having short term solution. Both need to be taken care to be successful.

2. Asia Brands Power “5 Rules to get the GROWTH You need” (Presented by Lim Soon Lee, General Manager of Kantar Worldpanel Indonesia) 

Asia is a unique market, with a strong local players (FMCG manufacturers). To understand common themes on what drives Asian Brand’s growth, Kantar Worldpanel interviewed 11 CEOs in Asia. There are 5 “power levers” that are changing the ASIA games, which are

  • Masters of metamorphosis
  • Build the nation build the brand
  • World class innovation with a local twist
  • Digitise and humanize and
  • Data-led intuition

3. Winning in Changing Environment (Presented by Nadya Ardianti, Insight Director of Kantar Worldpanel Indonesia)

As the economy slowing down, contrary to popular belief, consumers do not come to a standstill during tough times. They just make purchasing decisions differently to react with the changing environment. Nevertheless, Kantar Worldpanel have been seen some categories and brands that still be able to enjoy growth despite the difficult times and help us to draw inspirations and sum up some strategies to continue winning in the changing environment.

4. Sustainable Growth: How Strong Brands Stay Strong (Presented by Andrew-Ridsdale Smith, Head of Regional Centre of Excellence of Kantar Worldpanel)

In this changing environment, brands in sustainable growth are able to win both trial and convert this to repeat by being retained in the consideration set. When talking about touchpoints, it is not all about building reach, but different touchpoints play different roles, and can influence behavior in different ways. Clarity of message is important to ensure that people buy and repeat for the same reason.

5. The How of Why Mobile (Presented by Avinash Pareek, Strategy & Communications Planning Director of Maxus Indonesia)
The growth of mobile as an advertising medium is largely dependent on the content that marketers will create. Audiences are looking for exclusive, convenient and original content. The need is to understand human truth and innovate content accordingly. This is a continuous journey of content creation as the threat of audience boredom is always around. Hence marketers will have to work on a new currency of 'share of attention'. Together with content, technological innovations will play a major role. We need to build more 'creative engineers' to keep audiences interested and hooked on to the medium. If we will be able to bring these opportunities in action, then the big numbers of mobile will become relevant.

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