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Indonesia Beauty Trends 2023



Indonesia Beauty Trends 2023

Despite unprecedented challenges, Indonesia's Beauty industry has continued to flourish over the past five years. Shoppers are not only spending more but also purchasing a greater number of beauty products, resulting in 13.9% overall value growth. This exceptional performance spans across demographics, with middle to upper-class consumers driving the category's evolution.

In a market fueled by ever-changing demands and preferences, understanding the pulse of Indonesian consumers is paramount. Our latest Beauty report offers valuable insights into the consumers' needs, desires, and behaviors, equipping you with the knowledge to guide your strategic decisions.

Unveiling 5 Key Beauty Movements

  1. Advancement within Basic: Discover how consumers are embracing advanced skincare experiences, leading to impressive value growth and a shift towards cutting-edge ingredients.
  2. Higher Needs for Going Out, Higher Needs for UV Sunscreen: Uncover the post-pandemic surge in demand for Face Sunscreen and explore the diverse range of formats catering to Indonesian beauty enthusiasts.
  3. The Come Back of Make Up: Explore the revival of makeup trends post-mask mandate, with Face Makeup and Eye & Lip products gaining renewed popularity.
  4. Emerging Trend in Hair: Learn how the return of mobility has sparked a triple-digit growth in hair fragrance, appealing to both non-hijabi and hijabi consumers alike.
  5. Available All Around: Dive into the growing explorative nature of beauty shoppers, with a rise in omnichannel buyers and the continued coexistence of online and offline shopping experiences.

As you navigate Indonesia's dynamic beauty landscape, these insights can help you discover growth opportunities, refine your offerings, and strengthen your market presence. By embracing these trends and staying ahead of the curve, you can position your brand as a leader in the beauty industry.

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