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Winning the Home Cooking Game amid Inflation Pressure



Winning the Home Cooking Game amid Inflation Pressure

We're excited to share with you our latest report that delves into the ever-evolving segment of Pantry Essentials. Titled "Winning the Game of Home Cooking amid Inflation Pressure", this comprehensive analysis offers powerful insights into this dynamic market.

Glimpse of insights from the report:

  • Between Cooking Oil and Instant Noodle as Staples, shoppers are adjusting their spending and make fewer shopping trips rather than reduce what they buy across these two categories.
  • Cooking Aid is the main category for in-home cooking and has shown a modest yet resilient volume growth year on year. This resilience - even in the more mobile post-pandemic world - underlines the segment’s continued relevance in households.
  • The growth of Processed Foods is mainly being driven by double digit growth in Frozen Food, while the growth of Canned Food and Instant Soup still need to catch up to reach double digit growth.

Read the report to uncover actionable insights that can guide your strategy.

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