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Ramadan 2022: A Festive Homecoming



Ramadan 2022: A Festive Homecoming

There is no other word to better illustrate this year’s Ramadan than “homecoming”. After two years of mudik’s absence, people flocked to their hometown during the festive season with joy to spend time with their loved ones.

The massive homecoming moments signalled a bigger celebration in terms of consumers’ spending including FMCG categories despite the inflation waves that were starting to hit the country. This report will take you to the key highlights on how you can prepare for next year’s season.

  1. Extended homecoming
  2. Extended excitement from upper-class consumers
  3. Extended recovery of festive categories
  4. Extended relevancy of proximity channels
  5. Extended Gifting occasion
  6. Extended brand communication
Read the full report via the link on the right-top part of this page and get in touch if you'd like to prepare for the next season with us.

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