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Who Cares Who Does Indonesia 2020 Webinar



Who Cares Who Does Indonesia 2020 Webinar

More than 70% of Indonesian households perceive plastic waste as a major environmental concern. Despite they believe that they can minimize environmental & plastic damages, a majority thinks the main responsibility still lies with Government & Manufactures – which is a calling to brand owners to act.

Is using less plastic enough? Should we change our packaging materials? Or should we be a change agent by educating and creating new habits? While offering solution can be done by anyone, tailoring the best one requires a thorough understanding on Indonesian these sentiments.

Who Cares, Who Does is a global consumer study from Kantar on attitudes and actions towards sustainable living and reducing environmental waste. Kantar just released the findings on the 2nd edition of this study.

In this Webinar we will be sharing:

  • The findings for Indonesia and what has changed since the 1st survey done last year.
  • Uncover whether there is a gap between what people say (i.e whether they care about environmental issues) and the actions they take.
  • What role can manufacturers play to meet the expectations of the consumers.

Watch our on-demand webinar on Who Cares, Who Does: Indonesia 2020 webinar, which was live on Thursday, 22nd Oct, 3 PM JKT.

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