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Staying Grounded,Staying Close To Your On The Go Basics



Staying Grounded,Staying Close To Your On The Go Basics

After overcoming the shock from the initial COVID-19 outbreak period, Indonesians have started to go out again. With the outside home activities re-kick, on-the-go consumption window is re-opening.

How do we look and resort to this window? Just like other consumptions in this pandemic, on-the-go consumption is also shifting in the direction that we need to explore.

Here are the key areas that brands need to keep in mind:

  • Maintain physical and mental availability. Traditional trade is still important, we need to ensure our brand can still reach our retail partners and consumers across the country.
  • More than ever, we need to understand how have consumers re-prioritized their purchases. Understand what the trigger and barrier are to purchase across our brand buyers. 
  • De-aggregate. Generalizing could mean lost opportunity. Deep slice of market, demography, and segment is important for us to properly map risk and opportunity areas.

Delve into how Indonesians’ on-the-go consumption has changed during this pandemic phase in this article.

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