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To complement purchase and usage behavioural information with new perspectives on consumers opinions and attitudes, we can speak with our panel members and complete the picture.

3 ways to benefit from LinkQ:

1. Investigating unique behaviour

Sourcing sample on actual behaviour is unique to consumer panels and LinkQ will provide you incredible insight into the minds of our panelists, enabling you to make crucial decisions from the results.

Focus on specific groups with unique behaviours: i.e. stopped buying, buy niche products, always use same store, etc.

2. Building and tracking segmentations

LinkQ can recreates on our panel your key consumer groups and link with our existing data sources to understand exactly how these groups buy your product for the home : key purchasing information, retailer information, key demographics, key trends, etc.

3. Understanding shopper motivations

LinkQ possesses the ability to relay all of the actual trips a sample of people have shopped over the last 2 weeks (for example) and helps to achieve a deep understanding of the key motivations and missions that each person has on each trip shopped: i.e what was the main reason you made this shopping trip? What is the main reason you chose this store rather than any other?

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Cynthia Su
Expert Solutions Director - Kantar, Worldpanel Division Malaysia