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Define the right level for pricing and promotions

Brands invest significantly in pricing and promotion strategies to boost sales. The changes in consumer choices derived from this activity are not always clearly visible:

  • Has the promotion attracted non-buyers?
  • Have you won your competitors’ shoppers?
  • Have buyers increased consumption or they have simply stocked up?
  • How long before normal purchase patterns resume?

At Kantar we help you understand how shoppers react to promotions and price changes, and how these reactions impact on your and your competitors’ portfolios.

By measuring consumer behaviour on a continuous basis, we identify:

  • Which promotions encouraged shoppers to purchase more, and how much?
  • Which consumers responded to your and your competitors’ promotions?
  • Which promotions had the biggest impact on your portfolio and on retailer performance?
  • How to target the right categories with the right promotions?

This allows you to optimise your pricing and promotional strategies to generate maximum effect on your shopper base and brand growth.

If you would like to know how to improve your future pricing and promotions, talk to us at Kantar.

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Cynthia Su
Expert Solutions Director - Kantar, Worldpanel Division Malaysia