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A brand that inspires success

We aim to become the best company to work for, a unique place to develop our talents and fulfill our potential.


Precision. We immerse ourselves in rigorous analysis to the critical insights that lead to better decisions.
Curiosity. We are hungry for knowledge about people's behavior and thoughts to understand consumers and identify unique opportunities.
Courage. We have a point-of-view and we are proactive to ensure we influence our client's success. We are not scared of new challenges.
Imagination. We go beyond the ordinary and accepted data analysis. We see the world differently to imagine future trends and possibilities.
Together. Inspiring ideas can come from any individual but are developed by a team. Both within our company and externall with our clients, we believe in working together as one to deliver High Definition Inspiration.


Helping our best talents fulfill their potential is our priority. We are continuously assessing what makes our own people tick, what keeps them fresh, passionate and engaged within our organization. We do not regard development and career progression as a purely linear tick box process, but as more of a career enhancement choice, which must be based around ever changing individual and business requirements. We invest in you when you join our team, and we aim to protect that investment by ensuring you get the training and qualifications you need to keep you at the forefront of your chosen field, inspiring you to deliver and empowering our clients to succeed.

As well as formal training opportunities, we encourage learning through collaboration, support and guidance from mentoring and active involvement in community and corporate social responsibility programs, all of which help you to develop and enrich you as an individual and as a team player. We embrace diversity in every form, as diversity is what underpins our collective insights and makes our client solutions so much more incisive. We also motivate and inspire our employees by offering unique and exciting development opportunities.


In Kantar, not only do we want to attract the best talent, but we also wish to make sure they feel valued and receive fair compensation for their contributions. For you, it ensures a career development plan where you will be able to progress in your chosen role and be fairly compensated as you do so. We look for and encourage management and leadership potential, as our succession planning relies heavily on identifying and developing those individuals who can take the company to the next level.


In Kantar, we are really keen for our employees to feel inspired, motivated and engaged at work. That's why we make special efforts to get them involved, to encourage teamwork and collaboration, and to have some fun.

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