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Brand Footprint Thailand 2023 Awards



Brand Footprint Thailand 2023 Awards

Kantar, the world's leading market data and analytics company, announced recognition for FMCG brands in Thailand, and the Brand Footprint Thailand 2023 report highlighted the strength and resilience of brands in a challenging economic climate. Kantar's Worldpanel data, calculated from a unique measure of Consumer Reach Points (CRPs), examined over 570 FMCG brands in Thailand, reflecting consumer behaviour from 26.4 million households in Thailand. To gauge brand success, CRPs analyse demographics, market penetration, and consumer choice, revealing how frequently consumers opt to purchase a specific brand. This approach forms the basis for ranking the most successful brands in the market.


Brand Footprint Thailand 2023 Awards

The Brand Footprint Thailand 2023 Awards is categorised into 5 categories:

  1. Most Chosen Brands: This award recognises the most popular brands that consumers choose to buy and the highest in CRPs.
  2. Top Growing Brands: This award celebrates rising star brands that have experienced the highest growth in CRPs.
  3. Top Outstanding Brands: This award acknowledges outstanding dark horse brands that have shown exceptional performance.
  4. Top Outstanding Retailer: This award recognises outstanding retailer in the market.
  5. Most Resilient Brand: This award honours brand that have demonstrated the best resilience to the market.

The awards cover 6 FMCG product sectors, including Packaged Food, Beverages, Dairy Products, Home Care, Personal Care and Beauty, as well as Retailer.


Most Chosen Brands

  • Mama - 168 million CRPs (Food)
  • Nescafé - 119 million CRPs (Beverages)
  • Lay's - 129 million CRPs (Snacks (OOH))
  • Dutch Mill - 152 million CRPs (Dairy)
  • Hygiene - 115 million CRPs (Home Care)
  • Colgate - 97 million CRPs (Personal Care)
  • Garnier - 38 million CRPs (Beauty)


Top Growing Brands 

  • Mitr Phol - 63 million CRPs, an increase of 9.6 million CRPs (Food)
  • Betagan - 40 million CRPs, up by 7.3 million CRPs (Beverages (OOH))
  • Tasto - 26 million CRPs, an increase of 2 million CRPs (Snacks (OOH))
  • Dutchie - 34 million CRPs, up by 3.4 million CRPs (Dairy)
  • Hygiene - 115 million CRPs, up by 8.5 million CRPs (Home Care)
  • Jula's Herb - 15 million CRPs, up by 4.4 million CRPs (Personal Care) *Analysed by Household Panel
  • Jula's Herb - 19 million CRPs, up by 5.1 million CRPs (Skin Care) *Analysed by Beauty Panel
  • Srichand - 2 million CRPs, up by 700k CRPs (Makeup) *Analysed by Beauty Panel


Top Outstanding Brands

The award is based on consumer behaviour in 2022, where Kantar observes a trend in which consumers are beginning to venture back into outdoor activities.

  • Singha - 27 million CRPs, up by 11 million CRPs (Carbonated Soft Drinks - the category with the highest and largest growth penetration in the Beverage OOH sector)
  • Redbull - 9 million CRPs, up by 2.7 million (Sport & Energy Drinks – the category that is starting to regain popularity after lockdown)
  • Nivea - 5 million CRPs, up by 1.2 million CRPs (Sun Protection - the category with the highest growth in consumer penetration in the Personal Care category)


Top Outstanding Retailer 

Online Pure Players have achieved the highest consumer penetration among all online shopping platforms in 2022.

  • Lazada – 8 million CRPs, up by 3 million CRPs (Online Pure Player)


Most Resilient Brand

This brand has shown the largest increase in penetration among all FMCG brands in 2022.

  • Kuma – 10.3% penetration, with an increase of 6.5 points, or approximately 1.7 million households.


Congratulations to all the top 20 finalist winners of the Kantar Brand Footprint Thailand 2023 Awards. For claiming the Brand Footprint data for your marketing promotions, please contact your Kantar customer service team or email us at



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