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Target the most valuable market segments

Segmentation transforms the complex multitude of individuals who form your consumer base into a small number of simple groups to facilitate more effective marketing.

To help you target the most valuable segments for your brand, we segment your consumers based on what they buy, use, think and feel. Our very detailed information on consumer and shopper behaviour is enriched with additional attitudes, needs and media exposure data, supplied either through our questionnaire service, LinkQ, digital tags or additional data sources.

You can utilize Kantar's segmentations to:

  • Grow your brand by targeting new consumers and occasions.
  • Quantify the real cash value of different targets.
  • Reach them by learning their behaviour and motivations.

Monitoring the purchase and usage patterns of defined segments allows you to keep the solution relevant and understand reactions to marketing decisions that you take, thereby maximising your return on investment.

If you would like to understand how segmenting your market can help facilitate more effective marketing, talk to us at Kantar.


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