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Purchasing Konfidence - Q2 2015


Purchasing Konfidence is an indicator designed to measure consumer confidence regarding their purchasing. This indicator is defined as the degree of optimism that consumers are expressing through their attitude regarding the current as well as future economic situation and their real behaviors in FMCG spending.

Three main components:

Three main components

The indicator of this quarter shows that urban consumers are now heading more towards belt-tightening on grocery and savings in Vietnam* market.

Purchasing Konfidence

1. Purchasing Capability: Consumers are feeling more confident with their finances but more cost-conscious in the future.

Purchasing Capability

2. Willingness to buy: They now tighten their belts in spending on grocery and more cautious to find the best value on big purchases.

Willingness to buy

3. Real Purchase: As a result of consumer perception, there is a really sharp reduction in their FMCG budget and also they cut on nice-to-have categories.


Real Purchase

(*): Vietnam data is only in Urban 4 key cities (Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, Da Nang and Can Tho)

Purchasing Konfidence by Kantar Worldpanel is issued quarterly, starting from Q3’2013.



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