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Sustainability report: Who Cares Who Does in Vietnam?



Sustainability report: Who Cares Who Does in Vietnam?

In recent years, Vietnamese consumers have grappled with significant socio-economic changes, from the impact of a global pandemic to economic slowdown and a surge in living costs.

As prices continue to rise and economic uncertainties persist, a growing number of households are navigating financial challenges.At the time when we conducted the "Who Cares Who Does 2023" study in Vietnam1 out of 4 families reported experiencing financial strain.

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Amidst these challenges, the concept of sustainability takes on new dimensions in the eyes of Vietnamese consumers.

Explore the nuances of Vietnamese consumers’ green desires by watching our Who cares? Who Does in Vietnam” webinar on-demand now and download our consumer sustainability report.

Connect with our team of sustainability experts today. Discover not only your consumers' sustainable preferences but also actionable strategies to guide them towards the  sustainable lifestyle they desire.

Join us in reshaping the narrative of sustainable shopping in Vietnam. 

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