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Living in COVID-19 times



Living in COVID-19 times

In this paper we will examine how COVID-19 has changed the way in which consumers/shopper behave in the FMCG market across the 8 markets in Asia.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have often been asked, “what learnings can we take from markets in recovery i.e. China and Korea?”. I guess this is a just and fair question to delve into.

Whilst there are some very key and strong things other markets can consider; the reality is that, we can’t average Asia.

What works in ‘A’ market DOES NOT ALWAYS necessarily work in another market”.

For this particular edition, we will examine if at all, if markets are reacting similar/differently to one another – and hopefully this is a good start point for us to hold the right benchmarks on what we could consider doing (and more realistically). We have identified 6 core factors that we believe shaped and impacted how the Asian consumer/shoppers shopped in market. Obviously, these factors are non-exhaustive; but we do see a clear pattern of how these factors come together to help paint a picture.

As the Stay-At-Home Economy flourishes during this time of pandemic (almost all markets); what is happening to the Out of Home (OOH) Economy? We have slotted in a small section which hopefully will help trigger some ideas and thoughts as well.

We hope you will find our latest whitepaper not only informative but interesting as well. Remember, we can only get better at answering your needs if you continue to challenge and put your questions forward.

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