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Do you know your LADIES?



Do you know your LADIES?

With rising in-home activities in the past one year, mothers have worked harder for their families and we want to take this opportunity to know what they are looking for.
Based on Kantar Worldpanel’s analysis on consumers’ purchasing behavior of Alibaba’s 8 strategic shopper segments, Model Mothers are the strongest-performing consumers in the FMCG market, with their total spending coming close to 5,000RMB per person in the first three quarters of 2020. As modern mothers, they look after their families and also seek delicacy and beauty for themselves. Now let’s deep dive their purchasing preferences and needs.

Skin Care consumption continues to upgrade

For the skin care and make-up categories, Model Moms are a strategically important group. Their spending power is comparable to that of Urban White Collars, and they have been the drivers of the beauty market recovery. 


Source: Kantar Worldpanel Beauty Panel, Key Contributor=Annual cost of cosmetics per capita.

In the beginning of 2020, the beauty category consumption was severely hit by the cut-down of social activities and wide-spread mask-wearing habits as a result of COVID-19.
In the 2nd half of the year, the skin care consumption started to recover ahead of makeup, which depends more heavily on social occasions.  As one of the biggest spenders in the beauty market, Model Moms pay extra attention to and invest to improve their appearance. In fact, their spending on skin care products in 2020 exceeded the average by 60%.

Show them your love

Kantar Worldpanel data indicates that Model Moms prefer e-Commerce and personal care store when shopping for skin care products. Online shopping provides a way to balance their family and career at a greater convenience and help them save time. Personal care store, a channel traditional popular for specialized product shopping, is also chosen more frequently by Model Moms.

In 2020, only one among four moms received skin care products as gift.  Not only has this number decreased from the year ago, but falls well below the level of Urban White Collar. Moms have been devoting so much time and effort in taking care of the family, and why don’t you take this opportunity to appreciate their beauty and show them your love with a nice skin care gift.

High efficacy regimen of Anti-Age benefit: No.1 need of Model Mom

Model Moms are moving in line with the overall skin care market trend where there is a continuous growth of Anti-aging products, unscathed by COVID-19.



Source: Kantar Worldpanel Beauty Panel.

More and more ladies are choosing high efficacy regimen products such as eye cream and facial serum, especially those claiming anti-aging benefit through keywords like “Repair” and “Rejuvenating.”  Further tapping into the needs of Modern Moms, skin care heavy spenders, by helping them erase the traces of time in both their mind and face will become one of the most important growth opportunity for beauty brands.

Kantar Worldpanel Beauty Panel has recently underwent the consumer profile granularity enhancement to include basic demographic information, occupation, family type, consumption power, children’s age, profession, education background, height/weight/BMI, etc, to better help our client understand the ever-growing complexity of the Chinese consumers and market. We are now also able to further leverage it to provide precise insights into the 8 strategic shopper segments, frequently used by brands in planning and executing their online shoppers.

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