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Double 11 Pre-Sale, Go Big or Go Home



Double 11 Pre-Sale, Go Big or Go Home

Double 11 is no longer a one-day affair, but now consumers prepare and celebrate it for a long time. They start by calmly browsing, adding products to their baskets, and pay the deposit in livestreaming in the name of advance purchase. Now all that remains is they come back and make a final payment on time.

How heated was this year’s Double 11 pre-sale activities? Have you gone through your favorite KOL’s recommendations and instructions and filled your baskets with amazing bargains?  And did you find the willpower to stay away from making impulse purchases or did you just go all in without any hesitation?

Kantar Worldpanel conducted an interesting survey on Double 11 pre-sale on 4,285 consumers though Dandanpai APP in the past 3 days. 

Number of livestreaming platforms followed > 1

In order to find the best deals for their favorite products, most consumers follow promotion campaigns across different platforms. According to Kantar Worldpanel Double 11 survey, 63% of customers pay close attention to Double 11 promotions this year. Meanwhile, nearly 77% of them followed several livestreaming platforms in search of the greatest deal.

pre sale-1.jpg

It is clear that consumers’ enthusiasm for livestreaming remains un-wavered during Double 11, even though this form of advertising and promotion is now quite common every day. 

Sense vs. Sensibility

 “Rational shopping, happy consumption” is being advocated during this year’s Double 11. The survey shows that 80% of those who kept an eye on the promotion activities would add products into their shopping carts in advance. Why? This allows greater convenience and bigger saving when they make the actual purchase because everything can be done all at once. 

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So would these people turn to rational shopping and just let the passion for shopping wane after they pay the deposit for advance purchase? 

The survey indicated that, although over 90% of consumers paid a deposit for advance purchase, more than 60% of them paid a deposit only for some, not all, of the products in their basket. This means they still take time to think rationally and make a final decision for purchase. This is not a surprise given that the heated atmosphere when the pre-sale begins can easily arouse consumers’ desire for shopping.

Additionally, 66% of consumers also continue add new products to their shopping cart, after their initial advance purchase. 

As 0:00 on November 1st draws closer, how many consumers will actually follow through their commitment from their advanced purchase?  Let’s wait and see. 

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