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Six brands are the most chosen ones of the decade



Six brands are the most chosen ones of the decade

After the release of the global FMCG market report of 2022's Brand Footprint, Kantar Worldpanel published its's 2022 Brand Footprint China ranking. This report adopts the metric of shopper consuming behavior- Consumer Reach Point (CRP) to assess how many shoppers have chosen any given brand (penetration), and how often (frequency), to reflect the authentic choice of consumers. 

2022 is the 10th year of the Brand Footprint report. In the past 10 years, Brand Footprint has measured, analysed, and diagnosed the rapidly changing competitive FMCG market, to help the brands innovate and evolve. This report revealed the most chosen brands in 2021 and identified insights on how Chinese consumers shopping behaviours have changed during the last 10 years:  

  • Similar with global consumers’ shopping behaviour, the average number of FMCG brands chosen per year in China has remained around 50 per household. 

  • Finding more shoppers is always the key to win in Chinese market. For growing brands in 2021, 100% of the contribution is from penetration only or a combination of penetration and frequency. Small brands should aim for 0.6% penetration point gains and bigger brands should aim for 1.3%. 

  • In the past 10 years, the top 10 most chosen brands are instrumental, contributing 45% of Consumer Reach Points (CRPs) to the top 50. 

  • Yili, Mengniu, Master Kong, Shuanghui, Want Want and Bright, are 6 brands which have continuously been in the top 10 most chosen brands list for 10 consecutive years.


"With the outbreak of Omicron and global inflation, volatility is the normal in FMCG market. Although the Chinese market has undergone rapid changes in the past decade, the leading brands always stay ahead of the curve, set up a sustainable growth model of shoppers through building the power of brands, channels and product innovation. Nowadays, brands must have a deep insight into the impact of pandemic which has led to constantly changing shopping behavior and new usage occasions. It is also critical for them to constantly review their product assortment and supply chain agility as well as the development of new channels to grow against the headwind." Said by Jason Yu, the managing director of Kantar Worldpanel Division, Greater China.  


Top 10 most chosen brands in CRP – Total FMCG 

According to the report, the top 10 most chosen brands are dominated by local brands. If we look from 2014 onwards, more and more Chinese brands joined the rank of most chosen brands, demonstrating the growth of Chinese brands' power. These brands focused on providing health and wellbeing solutions to satisfy Chinese consumers' everyday needs and allowing them to grow consumer reach.  

Yili and Mengniu remain in 1st and 2nd place respectively, managing to grow their shoppers to reach 9 out of 10 households whilst still expanding their CRP. By building up a wide range of dairy categories with comprehensive health and nutrition product matrix, both brands have put their efforts on catching the rising needs of immunity and diversified usage scenarios since the pandemic of Covid-19 began in 2020. 

The growth of hygiene needs post COVID-19 outbreak has led to paper brands Vinda and Hearttex growing their consumer base to join the list. Vinda was one of the fastest growing brands, growing in both consumer reach points and penetration. Its move to respond to the upgrading needs of hygiene, expanding to niche categories and satisfying usage requirement of multiple usage occasions attracted more new consumers. 



Top 10 fastest growing brands in CRP 

2022 also marks the first year in 10 years that more personal care and household brands joined the top 10 fastest growing brands list.  

Hygiene and environmental awareness remained high after the 2020 COVID outbreaks, and for that reason brands which provide comprehensive house cleaning solutions were well placed to achieve rapid growth. C&S effectively grew its CRP by continuous optimizing its offer and driving growth across different channels. In addition, domestic brands such as Yunnanbaiyao and White Cat obtained more attention and recognition of young shoppers by evolving their brand image and upgrading their products. 

As the out of home market gradually recovered, the need for in-home cooking and convenient foods slowed down. Pepsi is the only food brand whose growth has ranked in the top 10 every year for past 3 years. Chinese shoppers' needs for coffee products with a variety of flavours help to drive Nescafe's growth, a brand which has focused on the Chinese market for 30 years, continually launching new products and looking for new growth opportunities. Nescafe joined the fastest growing club for the first time in 2021.


The list of top 5 fastest growing brands in CRP by five sectors was also published. For more information, please click

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