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Capture OOH Occasions

People are spending more than ever on Out-of-Home (OOH) items like takeaways and hot drinks, according to the latest data from Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company. The latest analysis from Kantar’s new report ‘Winning food & drink occasions Out-of-Home’, reveals that takeaway spend now accounts for 12.3% of total OOH spend across the UK, France and Spain; with consumers spending from €15 to €17 on average per order. Hot drinks also continue to grab wallet share, with customers willing to pay a higher premium for speciality coffees, especially in the UK. China sharing of  ‘Winning food & drink occasions Out-of-Home’ -'Capture OOH Occasions' shows out of Home takes half of food and beverage market in China. Categories importance and development differ a lot OOH.

Major trends uncovered by the study reveal:

  • Coffee represents 80% of spend globally within the hot drinks category, with the UK accounting for 51% of that value.Coffee in China, different needs at different occasions.Hot/expensive on premise coffee to kick off the day in the busy morning; RTD coffee in grocery for relax and enjoyment at night.
  • Brazil has the highest Spend per Trip growth for CSD in any country & above the Global average (+5%?.Mexico has been the largest Trip Spend growth for Salty Snacks (+8.1% vs. Global avg. +1.9%) as a result of the success of Large pack being strongly associated with Socializing/Party occasions.Sugar free RTD tea drives traffic and premiumizes the category through entering healthy drinking occasions. 
  • It’s not only Manufactures that need to adapt to consumers; Retailers are fighting back
    --- Dining Areas in Hema and collaboration in Family Mart are examples to meet the increasing OOH occasions.

Managing director of KantarWorldpanel Jason Yu commented “Continued economic uncertainty appears to be having a minimal impact on consumer wallets, with customers willing to spend their money in takeaway and food delivery rather than cooking at home. While this is actually adding value for the entire OOH market, this clearly remains a threat to traditional retailers who must consider different strategies for capturing OOH growth in 2020 and beyond. For those willing to take on the challenge, the rewards will be significant.”

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