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The Secret Recipe to Embrace Home Cooking



The Secret Recipe to Embrace Home Cooking

The trend of home-cooking has been on the rise during the pandemic; reflected in the growth of Pantry Essential categories and it continues to the new normal period. Brands can take some advantages from the key trends in accelerating growth.

This latest report from Worldpanel Division comprises of further details of the five main takeaways:

  1. Ride the rise of experimental home cooking and stay alert with the mobility trend.
  2. Offer high convenience for shopping with strong availability in mom-and-pop store and peddlers in urban areas.
  3. Leverage higher spending in online channels to drive bigger basket size mostly in urban key cities.
  4. Accelerate the adoption of healthier ingredients by providing relevant innovations
  5. Offering healthy ingredients should be supported by the presence in urban key cities and its communication.

If you'd like to explore your opportunities in Pantry essential categories and beyond, you can contact us via this page or reach out to your usual contact in Kantar.


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