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Commitment to Excellence

Kantar Worldpanel is the world leader in consumer knowledge and insights based on continuous consumer panels. We remain true to our vision of becoming a brand that inspires success, by bringing shopper insights to the heart of your decision-making process.

In line with our long-term Client Service vision, Kantar Worldpanel Philippines is committed to continue and work more with you to help you master the art and science of consumer behavior.

How we propose to work with you:

Account plan
A cornerstore of Kantar Worldpanel's relationship with you which aims to broadly define goals and strategies articulated around your main business issues.

Your business is also our business and we aim to listen and understand your key objectives and concerns.

Issues-Based Presentations
Following the briefing process, your key questions and issues are at the core of our presentations.

Client Feedback
Your feedback is vital in our aim to ensure we deliver well on the critical value factors for your business.

Thought Leadership
A series of projects that aim to share insights, ideas, and unique views which provoke new ways of thinking, spark discussion and inspire action such as white paper industry presentations, Consumer Connect: KWP’s client event, etc.

Top-to-top meetings
Strategically collaborating with you will further strengthen our business relationship.

Annual Client Satisfaction Survey
Your satisfaction is our priority and your feedback will help our business identify key opportunities on how to further improve our service and guide our future direction.

We remain dedicated in providing actionable insights and helping your business further grow. Working as one with you and our experts is an essential part of this vision.

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