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Purchasing Konfidence: Q3 2016



Purchasing Konfidence: Q3 2016

Purchasing Konfidence: How Confident are Filipino Shoppers about their Future?

Are Filipino consumers more upbeat about their future? How do they perceive their current financial situation? What about tomorrow’s?

Kantar Worldpanel Philippines is introducing its newest report, Purchasing Konfidence. An existing tool that is currently and widely used in other Kantar Worldpanel countries, we are bringing to you the same, to provide you a new perspective on consumer purchase behaviour. It is an indicator that tells the degree of optimism consumers are expressing through their attitude regarding current and future economic situation and their real behaviours in FMCG spending.

This is measured through three areas namely:

  • Purchasing Capability - How Filipino consumers perceive the prices changes, their financial situation for the time being as well as for the next 12 months?
  • Willingness to Buy - Are Filipino shoppers willing to spend money to make their life easier, to spend freely when buying grocery, to make major purchase
  • Real Purchase - What is their real purchase behaviour?

With all these combined, we were able to gather the following insights:

  • Despite the continuous growth in GDP, Purchasing Konfidence was -4.5 points on Q3 2016, the lowest since Q1 2015.
  • This suggests that confidence among Urban consumers is declining.
  • The drop was mainly driven by Urban consumers slowing down their real purchases despite the high perception of their purchasing capability.


For more details, please download the report here.

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