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75% of Filipino Consumers Seek Eco-Friendly Brands



75% of Filipino Consumers Seek Eco-Friendly Brands

In our recent Who Cares, Who Does report, we highlighted that Filipino shoppers are making significant strides to become more responsible consumers. In fact, 75% of Filipinos are actively seeking out brands that offer ways to offset their impact to the environment.

However, more than half of Filipinos find it difficult to be environmentally-friendly because alternatives were either hard to find or more expensive. Despite these challenges, many Filipinos also said they have witnessed a change in behavior among their friends and family in this aspect.

“Sustainability is an important topic and the pandemic has put an emphasis on the importance of health and wellness for consumers. Based on our research, there is huge potential for the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry in the Philippines to apply more environmental practices as more Filipino shoppers are ready to embrace sustainable living and support eco-friendly brands,” Marie-Anne Lezoraine, General Manager, Worldpanel Division, Kantar Philippines said.


Explore Filipino's attitudes and actions towards sustainable living by downloading the infographic and our press release. Feel free to reach out to our experts to learn more about our recent sustainability research.

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