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KWP Philippines Introduces SmartShopper 2015


SmartShopper allows you to engage and partner with your retailers. With the combination of Performance and Perception information, SmartShopper will provide you with consumer trends in each channel and at the same time track how consumers think of retailers via 30+ attributes. The beauty of SmartShopper is finding out the relationship between two information sources –Shopping and Thinking.

Under Performance actual consumer buying trends in channels and retailers is measured. This perfectly answers the question, “How do Filipino households purchase in the channels and main key accounts?” It describes these households’ consumer behavior set against the channels and key accounts landscape. These information is collected from a sample of 3,000 households which represent urban and rural homes across the Philippines and spreads over key demographics.

On the other hand, Perception answers the question, “What do Filipino households think of the key accounts?” It looks at attributes that consumers use in determining their choice of channel. These attributes span from product variety, to personnel attitude, to price calibration, and to added-values that customers are looking for. This done via a questionnaire conducted to 2,000 urban homes.

With SmartShopper, Kantar World Pannel  allows you to create better conversations and create the right customer story!

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