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Webinar: The evolving Beauty consumer

28/03/2022, Online Webinar

Before COVID-19, the Beauty sector was the fastest growing part of the FMCG industry. But the pandemic changed that. Masks went on. Lockdowns came in. And one of the best performing sectors suddenly found itself struggling in the face of people going out less often and using fewer products.

Fortunately, the Beauty sector is on the road to recovery, and we are seeing consumer trends diverge in two distinct directions: simplification and sophistication.

Join us on Wednesday 6 April, when our Beauty experts Ashley Kang and Maya Zawislak will take you through the very latest purchase and usage trends from the sector. Their presentation will include:

  • A look at the size and growth of the main categories making up the sector
  • How changing usage occasions impact the value of different categories
  • Understanding the factors driving changes in behaviour – such as longer hair among females and an increasing number of people with facial skin conditions
  • The trend towards ‘natural looking beauty’ and how this differs across the world.

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10 am (UK time) - 5 pm (PH time)

4 pm (UK time) - 11 pm (PH time)

Webinar: The evolving Beauty consumer

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